Govinda Adhikari

Senior Scientist

Dr. Govinda Adhikari is a Senior Scientist at Actinia, with a Ph.D. in Particle Physics from Sejong University in Daejeon, South Korea. He is passionate about pushing the boundaries of science and uncovering new knowledge that can have a positive impact on society, and he joined Actinia because of his deep interest in hard radiation detector technology and its applications.

Before joining Actinia, Dr. Adhikari worked as a postdoctoral associate at Yale University, where he led a group building a ton-scale ultra-pure NaI(Tl) experiment with high sensitivity for dark matter searches. His expertise encompasses all aspects of detector design, qualification, fabrication, characterization, and fundamentals. His research has received global recognition, including via publication in Nature, and has been cited over 1000 times.

At Actinia, Govinda holds responsibilities in detector fabrication, characterization, and software development for data processing. His current objective is to develop automated systems for the mass production of devices at Actinia.

Outside the lab, Govinda loves to read novels, hike, and ride his bike on hilly country roads.

Govinda Adhikari - Senior Scientist - Actinia