Lei Pan

Device Design, Fabrication, and Measurement

Lei is a specialist in device design, fabrication, and measurement who consults for Actinia while working as a postdoctoral scholar at Northwestern University. Lei’s research revolves around material science and engineering, nuclear engineering, and electrical engineering, spanning the fields of crystal synthesis and characterization, device design and fabrication, and device measurement and signal processing. He is an expert in the physics and engineering of radiation detectors, including X-ray, gamma ray, and neutron detection, as well as various imaging techniques. His research achievements have been published in prestigious, high-impact journals such as Nature Communications and IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science. He holds a PhD in nuclear engineering from The Ohio State University.

In his free time, Lei enjoys spending time in the gym, playing basketball, and running. He has completed 3 half-marathons with a personal record of 1 hour and 51 mins.

Lei Pan - Actinia